Is My Business High Risk?

Is My Business High Risk?

It’s sometimes obvious which types of businesses would be considered high risk. Travel industry, tobacco products, and online gambling are just a few.

Typically, e-commerce businesses are considered riskier due to the fact that their online sales are ‘card not present’ transactions. These online eCommerce transactions are more susceptible to fraudulent activity.

Many times, it’s the historical rate of chargebacks that occurs within a specific industry, that determines the risk. Merchants selling non-tangible goods tend to experience higher rates of chargebacks because the customer feels they have not received what they’ve paid for and decide to dispute the charge. These businesses can include tech support services, travel & tourism among many others.

Other factors that determine level of risk can include the business’ location, marketing tactics, and personal credit score of the business owner. It’s not hard to imagine why businesses located in certain countries, those with questionable sales tricks, and business owners with credit challenges are considered risky.

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